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Luminous Tan 
Tanning Packages

We offer an abundance of tanning packages that you can choose from to suit your tanning needs. From one session to monthly unlimited sessions, we offer an abundance of tanning packages to suit your budget and tanning needs.  

All of our tanning beds (Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3) offer these packages below:

1 session

5 sessions
10 sessions

20 sessions

2 weeks unlimited

1 month unlimited

2 months unlimited

3 months unlimited


For our VersaSpa Spray Booth, we offer:

Level 2 & Level 3
Single Session
3 Sessions
6 Sessions
12 Sessions

Double Dark
Single Session


Stop in today to get yourself the tanning package you desire! Any questions regarding these packages never hesitate to call Luminous Tan By Bri at  412-507-3968.

Click here for our Salon Purchasing Policies

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