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Luminous Tan Products

Here at Luminous Tan, we offer an array of tanning products that you can use to give yourself that summertime glow. We have a wide variety of products that are perfect for each level of tanning. If you are looking to try our particular tanning lotion, we have packet sizes for all lotions. Come and try out a lotion today!

On top of the tanning lotions, we have special face and leg bronzers as well as moisturizers and tan extenders. Also, to support and represent your favorite tanning salon we also have special Luminous Tan merch!


Beginner Products

Australian Gold - Accelerator Bronze
Australian Gold  Accelerator K
Australian Gold - Cheeky Brown
Australian Gold - Daringly Dark
Swedish Beau
ty - Intensifier
Devoted Creations - W2B - Natural
Devoted Creations - 
W2B Pure Pomegranate
Devoted Creations - W2B - Summer
Designer Skin - Valor
Beaches and Creme - Intensifying Serum

Intermediate Products


Australian Gold - Fearlessly Bronze
Australian Gold - Sinfully Bronze
Swedish Beau
ty - Natural Bronzer
Vacay Vibes - Indoor & Outdoor Lotion
Devoted Creations - W2B - Advanc
ed Bronzing
Devoted Creations - 
W2B Coconut
Devoted Creations - W2B  -Coastal
Designer Skin - Tattle Tail
Designer Skin - Heartless
Designer Skin - Captivate

Beaches and Creme - Ultra-Rich Dark Tanning Butter

Beaches and Creme - Ultra-Rich Bronzing Butter

Advanced Prodcuts

Australian Gold - Hardcore Bronze

Swedish Beauty - Pink Craze Dark Bronzer
Devoted Creations - W2B - Hemp Ultra Advanced Black
Devoted Creations - W2B - Violet
Devoted Creations - W2B - Extreme Ultra Black Bronzing
Designer Skin - Super Nova
*Highly Recommend

Designer Skin - Misbehaved *Highly Recommend
Designer Skin - Debut
Designer Skin - Revealed

Beaches and Creme - Dark Tanning Gelee

Beaches and Creme - Ultra Black Bronzing Butter


Tingle Products

Swedish Beauty - Tingle Intensifier
Devoted Creations - W2B - Tingle

Designer Skin - Bombshell
Designer Skin - Mayhem *Highly Recommend

Beaches and Creme - Rich Sizzling HOT Tanning Butter

TanOvations - Coming In Hot

Face and Leg Bronzers

Face Bronzers: 
Supre Tan - Tan Candy Sweet Face

Australian Gold - Smooth Faces

Leg Bronzers: 
Australian Gold - Dark Legs
Devoted Creations - Extreme Dark Legs

Tan Extenders and Moisturizers 

Tan Extenders:

California Tan - TT Tekton
Swedish Beauty - Tranquil Bontania (shower use)
Hempz - Body Wash

Hempz Foaming Body Wash 



Hempz Lotion - Variety of Different Scents

Merch and Misc. Items

Luminous Coffe Mugs
Luminous T-Shirts
Luminous Tank Tops

Luminous Hoodies
Luminous Lip Balm (Burts Bees Wax)
Luminous Goggles

Hair Clips (Big & Small)
Fuzzy-Furry Hair Clips (Big)
Hair Scrunchies (Big & Small)
Hand Cream

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